Long Haul Rail

African Self-Sufficiency

London-based businessman Saifee Durbar has a novel approach to making Africa self sufficient.

Durbar plans to span Africa by linking Sudan in the east with Cameroon in the west with a railroad that goes through the Central African Republic.

Minerals and other raw materials found in the Central African Republic will be used to construct the railroad.

Saif Durbar sees this project as a completion of the vision for African ascendancy that started with the Suez Canal.

Project updates can be found at:





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  1. […] nation’s mineral resources are to be used to facilitate the railway’s construction, enhancing Africa’s self sufficiency. Categories: bovis lend lease, saifee durbar Tags: bovis lend lease, cameroon, central africal […]

  2. Belfrayden said,


    The building or rebuilding of railways for heavy iron ore and coal traffic seems to be making progress in various parks of Africa. Such railways can, if rules require open access to other traffic, facilitate trade in general. Examples on the drawing board or not quite ready to run, in 2009 include:

    Mozambique – coal (work in hand)
    Congo – timber
    Cameroon – iron ore (design work in hand)
    Senegal – iron ore
    Liberia – iron ore (reconstruction)
    Libya – iron ore (fast pace construction)
    Botswana-Namibia – coal
    South Africa – iron ore and coal (work in hand)
    Guinea – iron ore (dispute with lease holders)

    Potential railways to mineral deposits in the Central African Republic have long distances to go to the coast.

    23 August BF

  3. Belfrayden said,


    BTW, the mining company proposing a 400km iron ore railway from Kribi to Mbalam in southern Cameroon has not ruled out the possiblity of having a slurry pipeline rather than a railway, though the pipeline proposal is on the back burner for now. Pipelines cannot of course be used for other freight or for passengers. The state of Cameroon is a shareholder in this mining venture, and would want to see whichever of railway or pipeline is more profitable and pays bigger dividends, balanced against which would be of greater strategic value, which would presumably be the railway.

    As they say, watch this space.

    23 August 2009

  4. […] businessman Saifee Durbar may have a solution to this dilemma. He plans to build a trans-African railway linking Cameroon and Sudan. Sudan was chosen specifically to provide aid to […]

  5. […] but has also described it as completing a part of the vision of the Suez Canal, making Africa a key player in transportation. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Keep Your Eye on DarfurQuick Recommended […]

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